A Place For Us by Harriet Evans.

“The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day.”


Rating: 3/5

I was pre-approved for this book on Netgallery, which has never happened before! So I read it the next day.

Matha Winter is turning eighty, and decides it’s time to let her family know the secret she’s been hiding. She sends them all invitations inviting them to her 80th birthday party, with a worry message that “There will be an important announcement”. It is this line that worries the family, their lives are hard enough as it is, without anything else to upset the balance. Florence will have to make a special trip back home, after running away twenty years ago to pursue her history of art studies in Florence. It’s easier for Bill to attend, as he’s stayed close to his parents, as the trusted village doctor, loved by all, except his wife. But what about Daisy? Having run away from home, leaving her baby girl, no one has heard from her in four years, as she is doing charity work in Africa. Despite her mother leaving her.

I love a book that has different narratives, and this book has many! We get perspectives from about seven different and interesting people, which although is confusing at first, is very gripping. My favourite character was Florence, who is stressed with a lot of things on her plate, including a big secret about a colleague, and is starting to get to breaking point. However, due to all the view points, it means the story is quite slow moving. We get to the end of the book, and only one of the 3 people has arrive at the family home, with still about a week to go before the party. Inevitably, we do get a told what Matha’s secret to be revealed is. Unfortunately, it was predictable.

I think I probably would read the next book, as I was interested in the characters, and I would like to see their reactions to the news.


2 thoughts on “A Place For Us by Harriet Evans.

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