Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

“Your prince has moved on, my queen has moved on. But you have not. And it will cost you in the end.


Rating: 4/5 stars

I was given an ARC from Bloomsbury Publishing on Netgallery, which I was absolutely thrilled about! I was so excited, I woke my boyfriend up at about 5am to tell him, needless to say, he wasn’t as excited as I was.  I have recently read the first two novels, and the novellas, and so was eager to find out about Celaena and especially about how Dorian would manage with his gift.

The book gives a range of different perspectives. We have the three from the previous books; Dorian, Chaol and Celaena’s, but we are also introduced to Manon, Rowan, Aedion and Sorcha. Since finding out who Celaena really is, keeping secrets from Dorian and sacrificing his future for the choice to send Celaena to Wendlyn, Choal and Dorian have been drifting apart, and aren’t the friends they used to be. Dorian, lost to who to turn to about his magic, beings to spend time with a shy and reserved healer, Sorcha. Meanwhile, Celaena is in Wendlyn, a kingdom where magic still remains, and Celaena has access to her powers. Rowan is pushing her to her limits in order to get her to try and access and control her powers. Finally, in a third setting, we have Manon Blackbeak, an Iron-teeth witch, heir to the Blackbeak witch-clan. Wicked and cruel, said to be born with no heart or soul, is fighting to be the Wing Leader for the King. She has to select a wyvern (dragon) and train it to be the alpha to gain this title.

I really enjoyed this book, I found the beginning to be a bit slow, most likely due to the introduction of the new characters. Whilst in the previous books I liked Dorian, I found him to be rather dull, and I especially didn’t like Sorcha, and proceeded to skim read most of their parts. I disliked Rowan to begin with, but as the book progressed, and as his background story unveiled, I began to like him. I’m so glad that Maas didn’t try and make a romantic link between Rowan and Celaena, as I think I may give up on the series if it begins to be too much about love interest. My favourite character above all was definitely Manon, I loved her fierceness and determination. I’m surprised that her story never intertwined directly with any other the other main characters, but I foresee big things from her in the next book! Finally, despite the wallowing in self pity and depression, we phenomenal character growth from Celaena, supported with a lot of extra information on her past.

I will leave you with, boy can Sarah Maas do good endings! Although I may have found the beginning slow, and certain characters dull, the ending definitely made up for it, and I cannot wait to read the next book, and I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy of this book when it is released.


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