Something Wiki by Suzanne Sutherland

Something Wiki

Rating: 3/5

Release Date: December 1st 2014

I didn’t dislike this book, but I feel that if I hadn’t gone through a similar situation in high school, that I wouldn’t have liked it as much

“Jo Waller has three brainy friends, two mostly harmless parents, and one deep, dark secret: she edits Wikipedia for fun. But when her twenty-four-year-old brother moves back home with his pregnant girlfriend, Jo is forced to reconcile the idealized version of her absent, cool older brother with the reality of romantic relationships and the truth behind so many embarrassing sex-ed videos. With the young couple moving back into the family home, there’s barely enough room for anyone to move, let alone have any privacy. Throw in some major friendship turbulence, a seriously unrequited crush, and a mortifyingly bad haircut, and it’s looking like Jo will be lucky to make it out of the year alive. When you’re a pizza-faced dork who uses Wikipedia as a diary and would rather wear ancient hand-me-downs than shop at the mall, what’s the upside? Jo is about to find it in the most unlikely way.”

Honestly, I know that Wiki is in the name of the book, and it states that editing it one of her deepest secrets, but I feel that the Wikipedia edits were irrelevant. If you removed the edits out of the book completely, I don’t feel it would have made any difference to the plot. Overall, the plot was good. Jo is pushed out of a friendship group, through no fault of her own, and has to struggle with readjusting to this. She has issues with her physical appearance, and has a disaster with her hair cut due to fancying the hairdresser and being unable to speak. Due to her brother and his pregnant girlfriend moving back in, she can’t speak to her parents about this.

It was a very short and easy read. Although I enjoyed it whilst reading it, I found the book forgettable, despite finishing it two days ago I can barely remember the ending.

With thanks to Dundurn on Netgallery for providing me with a ARC digital e-book in exchange for an honest review.


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