What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

“Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you.”

What Happened To Goodbye

Rating: 4/5 

Having really enjoyed previous books I have read by Sarah Dessen, I grabbed this book from the library without even bothering to look at the blurb. Luckily enough, I enjoyed this book, not as much as Just Listen, or This Lullaby, but I still really liked it. What I love the most about Sarah Dessen’s books, is that she tackles big issues such as divorce, eating disorders or depression, but in a way that is accessible for all ages.

What Happened to Goodbye is the story of Mclean, who comes from a family whose parents divorce was in the tabloids, after her mother’s affair with a basketball coach. Since then, due to her father’s job helping restaurants rebuild themselves to become successful, Mclean and her dad have had a life on the road. Having moved to four different schools in the past two year, Mclean never gets too attached, and has taken to changing her name as she changes towns. Until now, where she finally has to decide who the real Mclean is.

The story was focused around Mclean, who despite having a lot of anger bottled up towards her mother, was a very likeable character. Despite her mother trying to be a part of her life, Mclean has no problem in telling her what she thinks, putting all of the blame of the divorce on her, resulting in some very heated arguments. My favourite character by far was Deb, who was quirky and couldn’t be taken at face value, constantly coming up with surprises about her personality. It is the characters who make this book, as the story didn’t have a peak point, it was a slow and steady development of a situation.


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