Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read

top ten tuesday

I’m sure you’ve heard of it from me by now, so here is the link to the host of this meme: The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read, whether these are in general, or ones that you have lost interest in.

I, unfortunately, have quite a lot of these! So I’m going to break it down into a couple of headings/genres.


1. To Kill A Mocking Bird – I’m very weary of any book found on the GCSE lists, as I didn’t find any of them enjoyable.

2. The Great Gatsby – I have even steered clear of the film!

3. War and Peace – The size of this book alone scares me! My dad has insisted for years that it is a must read, but whenever he’s described what happens within it, I really don’t think it is for me…


4. Divergent – I rarely find dystopian books to be done well, and find that many of them are the same. I know the film isn’t exactly the same, but based on the trailers, it looks like there’s a lot of love focus, which generally I find cliché, unnecessary and forced.

5. Vampire Academy – I read the blurb for this book a few days ago, and it sounds awful! I can imagine I would probably throw the book at a wall in anguish.

6. Eragon – I refused to read it when I was younger, as someone compared it to Harry Potter, which I was having none of. I did cave and begin to read it a few years later, but found it very dull, and never completed it.

On my book shelf

7. Oblivion – I read the few before in the series, picked this one up, and was confused as to what was happening.

8. Prince of Thorns – I bought this about 4 years ago, and still haven’t begun reading it. At the time, I thought it sounded really good, but now I just can’t bring myself to read it.

9. Lascard Dagger by Glenda Larke – I’ve been wanting to read her books for a while, and I managed to find this one in the library, but I just couldn’t get into it.

10. Wicked – I loved the Musical, and I have the first 3 in this series. But, I’m just not feeling it!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read

  1. The best way for me to describe the Divergent movie in comparison to the book is that it’s a lot “lighter” than what I personally imagined while reading it–in both a world-building and thematic sense (I hope that made sense?). I loved the musical for Wicked as well and from what I’ve heard, I think the books are a lot darker than the whimsical-ness of the show? Haha, so it’s likely that I’ll just tunnel vision into the songs and disregard all else.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  2. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book of all time – definitely worth a read! I also really like Vampire Academy although for completely different reasons. I definitely recommend reading both! Vampire Academy for no other reason then you need to meet swoony Adrian Ivashkov!

  3. I hated Great Gatsby and wish I could have avoided it but I had to read it for class. I got rid of my book quickly after
    I agree, the Vampire Academy summary’s suck (no pun intended) and I had no plans to read this series but then my sister got so obsessed with it and made me try it. I was beyond surprised how much I enjoyed it. The summary’s don’t do it justice, it is a great series with awesome, kick-butt characters and a very well developed world. It’s definitely worth trying.
    Here’s my TTT:

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