I’m sorry! Here are some reviews.

I’ve been rather naughty with my reviews recently. I purposely put off reviewing The Red House for a while, which meant I became behind on writing reviews for the following completed books. So, to relieve my guilt, I’m going to do a quick review of all the books I’ve read recently, that I haven’t already done a full review for.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E Smith- 3/5

A light, summer read about a girl who misses her plane to her father’s wedding in London by 4 minutes. In what seems like fate, after talking to him at the airport, Hadley gets a seat next to Oliver, an original Londoner going home. Set over a 24 hour period, events unfold to discover the probability of love at first sight.

This was a short but fun, and heart-warming read. The book probably only took me a couple of hours to read, partially due to the size of it, but mainly due to it being really easy to read. On many occasions I laughed out loud, mainly due to the conversations between Hadley and Oliver, but also due to the huge amount of stereotyping of the English.

FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell – 4/5

I caved to the hype, and bought both this and Eleanor and Park at the same time. I have many friends who write FanFic, but personally although I seriously fangirl over certain things, I have never felt inclined to read or write any FanFiction. That said, I loved this book because I related to the main character so much.

Cath and her identical twin are both off to university, and while Wren wants to experience college life to the full, Cath is the opposite and wants to hide away and write fan-fiction. For the most part, the plot to this was really good. It’s not just as the blub suggests all about an introvert writing fanfiction, it’s about love and most importantly, about family. We see Cath struggle with leaving her father alone, and herself being alone from her twin for the first time as Wren wants to branch out by herself – consisting of her mainly partying and drinking.

Although I really enjoyed the story, I must admit the actual writing of the FanFic bored me slightly, and I found myself skim reading, or in some cases completely missing it out.

So overall, Cath’s journey of her first year of college is a lovely read, with a array of interesting by believable characters.

You Had Me At Hello by Mhari McFarlane – 3/5

This kept popping up on my suggested reads bit, mainly because I loved Me Before You so much. However, this book was an average read, especially if you do a comparison between the two books (which I do not recommend!)

A decade since they last spoke, Rachel bumps into Ben, her best friend at University. But life has moved on since then, Ben is married, and Rachel has just split up from her Fiancée. Since meeting, they begin to talk again.

Although it was a nice, entertaining read, it was extremely predictable – not just the main characters (gee, I wonder what could happen?) but I managed to guess what would happen in the background character’s lives too. However, the background characters, especially Mindy, saved the book for me, filling the book with wit and humour.

The Year of the Rat by Clare Furness – 4/5

So after reading a review for this book by Melinda, I really wanted to read it. Luckily for me, it was in my library! And I am so glad it was, out of all the books being reviewed here, this one is by far the best.

Pearl’s baby sister is the Rat. She is the reason Pearl’s mum died, and for that, Pearl cannot forgive her. Losing her mum is the worst thing Pearl has ever gone through and no one, not her dad, her interfering granny or her best friend can understand or break the new barriers she is putting up.

Throughout this book, Pearl battles through the stages of grief, and we watch as in trying to deal with her mother’s death, she slowly pushes everyone away. It is written so well, that no matter how cold a character Pearl is being, you can see, feel and understand her pain, and can’t be angry at her.

Definitely a must read!

What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy – 3/5

As a fan of The Great British Bake Off, I requested this book from NetGallery and in a little twist of fate, started reading just as the programme returned.

Marie has a busy and chaotic life, but is happy with it. She has a great family, she works her dream jobs as a dentist and has two great assistants. She isn’t very good at baking though, and after her failed attempt to do a showstopper for a school event, she is determined to learn how to bake. Her neighbour, Lucy, however is very good at baking. She’s pretty, calm, on top of things, and lets Marie know. With her Mary Berry Cookbook, Marie decides to turn her life around. Meanwhile, Marie’s husband is having trouble at work, and he also decides to learn how to be more adept in the kitchen in order to suck up to his boss. While several problems in life suddenly appear, will baking help Marie make impovements and guide her through her problems?

Marie is such a wonderful main character. She’s honest, and funny, and knows what her best and worst features are. The family was very reaslistic, with many problems that any family would face, making them very believable. Whilst Lucy and her family across the street are very different, everything isn’t as perfect as it seems. I love the way Lucy’s story unfolds and intertwines with Marie’s.

This was a lovely story about friendship and perseverance.

I am currently reading:

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (Kindle)

Panic by Lauren Oliver

The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Kindle)


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