The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

There were two possible responses to the increased load. The first was to put in place a more formal schedule to ensure that time was allocated efficiently, taking into account the relative priority of each task and its contribution to critical goals. The second was to embrace chaos. The correct choice was obvious. It was time to initiate the Baby Project.

The Rosie EffectRating: 3/5

Release Date: 25/09/2014

I read The Rosie Project, and loved it. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to write a review for it – whoops! So when I saw that a sequel was coming out, I applied for ARC’s everywhere I could. And I finally got one!

With the Wife Project complete, Don and Rosie are settling into new jobs and married life in New York. But Don’s life takes an unexpected turn hen Rosie announces that she is pregnant, leading Don to pursue the Baby Project in preparation for their new arrival. As Don tries to get to grips with starting a family, and parenthood, his unusual research style soon gets him into trouble. To make matters worse, Don has invited his recently separated best friend to live with them.

I enjoyed the book, but it just wasn’t on the same level as The Rosie Project. I found The Rosie Project very funny, laughing out loud on numerous occations. However, there were only a couple of occations that made me slightly chuckle during this book. Maybe it was because the book seemed rushed? Or because many of the events seems unlikely. I really enjoyed the first book because it could be real – but with this one, it was highly unlikely.

I was a little surprised that the book ended at the birth of the baby. I understand that, like the first book, it is meant to be over a one year span, but I was expecting the pregnancy to consume a shorter amount of the book, with greater focus on Don readjusting to life with the baby.

So, it was a good book, but I prefered the first one.


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