A Place For Us (Part Two) by Harriet Evans.

A Place For Us Part 2

Rating: 4/5

Release Date: 28/08/2014

This book is a little unusual in that they are releasing this books in 4 parts. I read an ARC of part one (review here) and  received this part as an ARC thanks to NetGallery.

Briefly, so far we have been introduced to all the members of the family and have heard parts of their past and present from different narrative scenes. Martha, the head of the family, has gathered everyone to her house to celebrate her 80th birthday and to share with everyone the secret she has been holding on to for the past few years.

I definitely preferred this part to the previous, probably because it didn’t have to do all the scene setting and description that part one had to. I thought that it might be hard to fall back into the book, but found that I still remembered everything that had happened before, and due to the flicking between view points, each of the elements were covered throughout. I found that characters were developed a lot more throughout this part, with characters who were quieter or more minor in part one becoming more predominant.

A brilliant second part, and I will definitely be reading part 3!


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