Dear Readers, My name is Emily and I have a book addiction.

By the evident lack of posts for the last couple of months, it is fairly obvious that I have been very rarely been reading for pleasure. Despite this, I still seem to keep buying books.

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I bought Gone Girl, as I heard it is very good. I’m very excited about reading it, because much like Me Before You, that is the only information about it I know. I have purposely avoided all reviews about it, and have somehow managed to avoid the film! You might think this strange, but I find that I enjoy highly hyped books a lot more if I don’t know why they are hyped. For example, I loved ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ because I read it before the hype, but when I re-read it after the hype, I realised it wasn’t as good as a lot of people were making out. Similarly with ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’, I though it was OK, but not fantastic.

I rarely read biographies, but when I do, it is always comedians. Jon Richardson is one of my favourite comedians at the moment, and I was lucky enough to see him last month at the Hammersmith Apollo. I love that as I read the book, I can hear his voice in my head. Which was exactly the same when I read Miranda’s (I hope it’s not just be that does that!)

The book is a collection of short stories from a variety of authors, based on the theme “Rogues”, as the title suggests! I’m not going to lie, I bought Rouges solely so I could read the short stories by 3 of the 21 authors in this book! The first thing I did was wizz to page 711 (It’s very strange starting a book near the end of it) to read Patrick Rothfuss’ short story on Bast, from the King Killer Chronicles. I thought I might as well “finish” the book, and read the last story in Rogues, “The Rogue Prince, or, A King’s Brother” by George R R Martin, about Daemon Targaryen. Then back to the middle to begin Scott Lynch’s story.

I don’t pre-order books very often. But I made an exception for The Slow Regard of Silent Things. In summer, I was very upset to have missed LonCon due to work commitments. Especially because a lot of the authors that were there rarely come to the UK. When I saw that this edition of Pat’s book was signed, that sealed the deal for me. Behold, my beauty!

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As if these were enough for me to not be reading. Amazon had to go and put an offer on their books! And somehow, I ended up pressing the buy button. Whoops.

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I loved ‘The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared’, so I am very excited to read ‘The Girl who Saved the King of Sweeden’! The other two books are ‘The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry’, and ‘The first fifteen lives of Harry August’. I have no idea what any of these three books are about (minus the title), but know that all three have received high praise and various awards.

Happy Reading!


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