The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

Rating: 4/5

What do you get when you combine a South African woman named Nombeko, born Soweto but out smartens her oppressors with her intelligence to escape to Sweden. A non-existent twin who exists, who has the same name as his brother who is inspired to complete what his late, crazed father could not do. Throw in the crazy bother’s,  crazy girlfriend, the Prime Minister of Sweden, the King of Sweden, some bumbling Israeli secret agents, a potato farmer who is actually a governess and a fugitive atomic bomb that doesn’t exist but is very hard to hide. You have a story that seems absurd and ridiculous but highly entertaining.

Like many other people, I read The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Widow and Disappeared, and absolutely loved it. It was completely bizarre but very entertaining, but I couldn’t put it down. If you read the latter, then you will be prepared for what is in store in this book – there are plenty of laughs, far fetched and imaginative story lines, and a fair amount of Swedish history (how true any of it is, I could not say). It is best read with a suspension of belief.

My only criticism is that although the book is funny and clever, the story does get a little long winded towards the end. I had to skim read a lot of the pages to get to the interesting bits. I would recommend reading the book in as few sessions as possible.


2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson

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