Top Ten Characters You Didn’t Click With


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and invite everyone to share their answers. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With”.

We found this a tricky topic, so we combined our hatred of character’s together.

Emily and Daz’s Choices

  1. Joffrey from Game of Thrones by George R R Martin – He was a little, spoilt bastard. Literally and metaphorically.
  2. Ahmann Jardir from The Desert Spear by Peter V Brett – He arrogance was the main thing that frustrated Daz, to the point where he no longer wanted to read the series.
  3. Bran from Game of Thrones by George R R Martin – Can he do something? Anything? Emily skipped/skim read most of Bran’s chapters because they were so droll.
  4. Bella Swan from Twilight by Stephany Meyers – Can she be any more whiny?
  5. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  by J.K.Rowling – I don’t think this one needs any explanation!
  6. Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas – Daz disliked her because she just needs to accept who she is! Quit complaining about your love triangle and get on with being kick ass.
  7. Frodo from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien – Another whiny, deeply frustrating character. We all know the true hero is Sam. You go Sam!
  8. Eureka from Tear Drop by Lauren Kate – The character who thinks it’s weird that she’s being stalked. But then changes her mind because he’s handsome -_- and don’t get me started on her name!
  9. Clary from City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – Does this girl use her eyes? She needs to go to SpecSavers because she’s blind to EVERYTHING that has ever occurred in her life. Including her mum’s best friend being  a werewolf…

What characters frustrated you?


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