First Day At Primary School

After three years of training the day finally arrived! And now that it is over I am very happy but absolutely exhausted.

I spent the last week setting up the classroom; making sure all the backing was up, labeling absolutely everything and laminating until I was sure the laminater was going to melt.

My little ones came in the door; some having to be dragged, some in floods of tears, and many with so much they wanted to say that they blocked all paths. Despite putting many things out, they all piled into the book corner huddled like penguins! At least three children were falling asleep in the book corner by the end of the day, and I honestly wanted to join them.

Never underestimate how tiring a group of five year old can be!

If anyone else has, or had, their first day, good luck and let me know how it went!


One thought on “First Day At Primary School

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