Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie Week -Top Ten Book Merch I Own

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and invite everyone to share their answers. This week’s topic is a freebie week, so I have decided to go for “Top Ten Book Merch I Own″

  1. Alice in Wonderland frame – the picture is made of words from the book.

2. Wands – I own both Sirius Black’s and Narcissa Malfoy’s.

3. Fanart – My friends know me incredibly well and have bought me these beautiful pieces of Toothless, The Houses Fighting and The Lights in Tangled.

4. The Evenstar – an anniversary gift from my boyfriend.


5. A letter to Hogwarts. Addressed to meeeee!

6. Hogwarts Crest and House badges.


7. Posters – a Hogwarts house crest, Middle Earth and two Alice in Wonderland posters. I don’t have room for any more.

8. A giant tigger in my classroom – I am know as the tiger lady.

9. A butterbeer tankard from the Harry Potter Studio Tour.


10. Mugs

  • A stack of GoT houses which make the map of Westeros on one side
  • Two mugs Harry potter mugs which when you pour hot water in the Mauralder’s map appears.
  • A huge mug with the Mauralder’s map on
  • A huge mug with Death Eaters around it.

Finally, It’s not technically merch. My friend drew this for me for my birthday!

toothless by rosie


What merch do you own?


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie Week -Top Ten Book Merch I Own

  1. Love the posters, I should get a few for my book loving daughter, for her bedroom (we’re going to redo it in a few weeks, so perfect timing!). As for bookish stuff that I own-I have a couple reading themed t-shirts and then a mug that says ‘leave me alone, I’m reading’ 🙂

    • What posters do you think she’ll have in mind?
      I completely for got about T-shirts!
      That reminds me of the mugs that say “I’ would rather be…” My sister has a horse riding and I have a reading one.

      • I have a post on that coming out on Thursday, actually. I *have* very few, I *want* so many more. Maybe I’ll start making room in the budget for a funny mug every payday. Hmmmm.

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