The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge

The Lonely Beast

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Have you heard of the Beasts? No, not many have. That’s because they are very rare. This is the tale of one such Beast, who decides to take a dangerous quest to find others like him. Trekking over mountains and swimming across seas, he comes at last to a great city. There he finds many delights but sadly no Beasts, so he returns home, where a surprise awaits him.

My Thoughts

I did this book with my year ones for five weeks. That’s right FIVE weeks.

Before christmas I had never heard of this book before, but I enjoyed doing it, and it lent itself to lots of fun activities.

The Beast is all black with no face. Before even looking at the title, we had a look at the picture of the Beast in the city. When you read the book, you know that he is trying to find friends, but taken out of context it looks more sinister. We had a look at the Beast, describing him, trying to find out what he is like, what he is doing, where he had come from. We did some freeze frames look at how people were portraying their emotions. As the Beast had no face, it was really interesting to find out why they thought what they did.

We did a lot of work on story mapping the story, acting out the different parts and then drawing them. We used our story maps to do new reports and write news papers, which were fantastic!

The book also lent itself to art work. The Beast walks under water, meeting lots of different animals on the way. We pretended to be jelly fish, one of the animals he met, and then created art work based on jelly fish.

As a book by itself, it wasn’t one of my favourites, but it lent itself to some great activities and lessons!


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