The Winner’s Crime (The Winer’s Trilogy #2)

Title: The Winner’s Crime

Author: Marie Rutoski

Genre: Teens & Young Adult, Fantasy,

Published: 12th March 2015 by  Bloomsbury Publishing.

Book Two in The Winner’s Trilogy – review for The Winner’s Crime: here.

ARC provided by Bloomsbury Publishing.s in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Lady Kestrel’s engagement to Valoria’s crown prince calls for great celebration: balls and performances, fireworks and revelry. But to Kestrel it means a cage of her own making. Embedded in the imperial court as a spy, she lives and breathes deceit and cannot confide in the one person she really longs to trust …

While Arin fights to keep his country’s freedom from the hands of his enemy, he suspects that Kestrel knows more than she shows. As Kestrel comes closer to uncovering a shocking secret, it might not be a dagger in the dark that cuts him open, but the truth.

Lies will come undone, and Kestrel and Arin learn just how much their crimes will cost them in this second book in the breathtaking Winner’s trilogy.

My Thoughts

When reading other people’s reviews for this book I do wonder to myself if we are reading the same book. I enjoyed this book but I’m evidently not as emotionally invested into this series as other people, it certainly didn’t reduce me to a bubbling heartbroken mess. I look forward to reading the next book but I  wouldn’t be cyber stalking the author like I do for other authors (*Cough* Patrick Rothfuss “Cough*)

The events take place directly after the events of the first installment. Kestrel is busy preparing the events and celebrations that follow her engagement to the Valorian prince, the consequence that came from saving Arin and his people’s lives. As the lies she has told to keep herself, and Arin, safe begin to catch up with her, she begins to realise there may be a price to pay for the dangerous crimes she has committed.

Generally, I really enjoyed the book. While within book one the romance was at the forefront of the book, it takes a back seat in this book. For most of this book we see Arin and Kestrel in different places. I think this is part of the reason I wasn’t as engaged with this book as I just wasn’t completely invested with everything that was going on. It wasn’t the lack of the romance, this almost made it better, it was more that I didn’t really care too much about  It was only after about page 250 that it began to get interesting, when the plotting came together and when Arin and Kestrel were in the same place, and the ending-  Oh My! That last portion of the the book was just brilliant.

I will definitely be reading the last book, as I need to know how it ends!

My Rating



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