Summer Wrap Up

Today marks my last lay in before having to drag myself out of bed to teach the little munchkins.

I mentioned at the beginning of summer (here) that I had lots planned this summer. I’ve told you some of it already but other parts got lost in the madness.

Aladdin the Musical – I went to see the theater show in London and Disney’s Aladdindespite unexpectedly finding it to be like a panto, I really enjoyed it. You can read all about it here.

I saw a preview for Tim Minchin’s new musical Groundhog Day. It was fantastic! Definitely try and catch it before it goes to Broadway! Read my review here.

I also saw Matilda the Musical again!

I read the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (script review) but I was also very lucky to get tickets too! (Play review).

I also went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the third time. I don’t even feel guilty about how many times I’ve been. Since last time they’ve added the train and now serve butter beer ice cream (tastes amazing btw!), so I was very excited. They also had privet drive open!

At the beginning of the summer I went to a Sunset Safari at ZSL London Zoo. It was open during the evening from 6pm – 10pm when the zoo would normally be closed. Having previously worked in a zoo, I know that this is the best time to catch the animals as it’s cooler and quieter! It was a really nice experience. The zoo had lots of different food places open and people walking around dressed as animals, which really reminded me of The Lion King stage show, and lots of live music. They also had feedings and talks like they would during the day, which were quite busy still. In the reptile house they had scientists talking to people about the different animals and research. It was a really nice experience.

I’ve always wanted to go to a festival, so when we saw that my boyfriend’s favourite band were playing at Reading Festival we just had to book it!

I was also very lucky as my friend invited me along for tea at the Savoy! I felt very out of my comfort zone as it was incredibly posh in there but the afternoon tea was phenomenal and the scones were to die for. It’s definitely an experience I would recommend!
P1020733.JPGMy love of zoos continued as I convinced my friends to drive us a very long way to go to Longleat zoo. This is one of my favourite zoos as it has a drive through safari! We were very lucky to see all the animals while we were driving around the safari, including the illusive cheetah. The zoo also has a walk around section where they have lots of sections that you can interact with the animals, including a walk through the parrots, a petting section, walk through the penguins, meerkat walk through and a monkey kingdom. On of my favourite bits was the boat ride, where to go out to see the gorillas, hippos and sea lions and you can feed the sea lions!


I listed a huge number of books that I had been intending to read… I managed to read a few of them… OK, I read none on the list. It’s really strange, I usually read tonnes of books during the holidays but this time I’ve hardly read any!

I was silly and I bought 3 books on my kindle and read two of them instead – Pretty Little Liars and We Were Liars. I also manage to read Carry On which has been sitting on my kindle for months.

My amazing illumicrate arrived  (see unboxing here). Which added two more books to my to read list – The Graces and Nevernight.

As if I didn’t have enough books to read, I saw an offer and bought SIX more books.


What have you done this summer?

Have you done any of the things I have?


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