Books by John Kelly

My school was lucky enough to have the author John Kelly visit and do some dramatic readings of his books. He also showed us all how to draw one of the characters from his book, and had a big sing song with us all.

Before he came I hadn’t heard of his books, which I’m surprise about as my class love pirates and the books have some great illustrations.

The Beastly Pirates

The Beastly Pirates

Beware THE BEASTLY PIRATES – the scariest sailors on the seven seas.
They’re a cutlass-toting, pirate-eating bunch of renegades and the list of their dastardly deeds is endless. Dare you come to face to face with this motley crew?

WARNING: This is most certainly NOT a book for bedtime . . . unless you like your pirates with a bit more bite! Perfect for fans of Jonny Duddle.

This is the first book that John Kelly spoke about. It comes before his newest one Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch, so he went over this quickly before reading the new book to us. I bought this book afterwards and read it to my class. We enjoyed it, loving the pictures and the ending. I personally found it quite hard to read out loud as it has some elaborate alliteration and some complex words, whilst also being a rhyming book.

Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch!

Media of Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch!

Meet the Beastly Pirates, the munchiest, crunchiest pirates to ever sail the seven seas!

If YOU were a pirate, what would you have for lunch? Fish soup? Shark on toast? Not the Beastly Pirates! They like something a little munchier, a little crunchier … a little more ‘piratey’.

THis is the second book in The Beastly Pirates series. It has some wonderful rhymes about how the “ordinary” pirates deal with the Beastly Pirates.

Sir Scaly Pants the Dragon KnightSir Scaly Pants the Dragon Knight.

When a ghastly giant comes crashing through the Kingdom one day, the townsfolk fear for their lives. He’s knocking down the buildings! He’s breathing his stinky breath all over the place! He’s even picking giant bogeys out of his giant nose–he must be stopped!

So the King decrees that ALL knights be sent to slay the giant–and whoever succeeds will be knighted BRAVEST IN THE LAND.

Enter Sir Scaly Pants (the most unusual knight around) and his trusty steed Guinevere (he most unfit horse around) Will this unlikely duo manage to defeat the greedy, grimy giant? You bet they will!

More fantastic illustrations and great rhymes in this book. The children were entranced the entire time, except when they were audibly laughing out loud at the  giant’s trousers falling down.

Have you read anything by John Kelly?


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