I have just returned from a lovely 4 days in the beautiful Prague. Being Autumn, the city is cool with gorgeous colours everywhere.

If you have read my previous posts on traveling, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time walking around the cities instead of using public transport. Prague was ideal for this as the city is quite small, however a lot of it is up hill! We had to be very careful that we didn’t wear ourselves out by walking up and down all the time didn’t do everything in one day.

My highlights of the city are as follows…

Prague Castle

Situated on the top of the hill, it was a long old climb to get there! The view of the city once you get there is very pretty. The Castle is more a collection of building than a castle in the sense that Dover castle is. The main focal point is St Vitus Cathedral, which from the outside reminded me a lot of Notre Dame with it’s Gothic style and the large, circular stained glass window. Inside the church, it is very grand and beautiful. One of our favourite rooms in the castle was the torture chamber, with the leading pikes and the handing ropes (we enjoy a bit of gore). We also really liked the Golden Lane, where alchemy was practiced, which had historic houses, inside some were real shops and others were set up like they used to be.

The gardens of the castle are beautiful and certainly not to be missed. You can see the old summer house and walk down into the moat. In Autumn it is absolutely spectacular.

Outside of the castle, in the square, we were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards and them practicing for the Independence Day celebrations (October 28th).



There are a huge amount of churches all around Prague. So many churches, most grand and full of splendor and exquisite art, architecture, statues and window. There were so many that I began grow less impressed and bored near the end. From the outside, the Church of Our Lady before Tyn is gorgeous, and is the one you can see towering above everywhere with it’s grand spires, inside it is a little less impressive.However, St Nicolas’s Church in Lesser Town is a must see, and despite being the last one we went into, it completely took my breath away.

Old Town Hall and The Astronomical Clock

The Astonomical clock is on the outside of the old town hall, situated in Old Town. It is one of the oldest and most elaborate clocks ever build – it has the astronomical dial of the sun and moon, a hourly show of moving figures including Death and The Apostles, and a calendar dial. This clock was so frustrating as we kept waning to see the movement at O’clock and kept missing it! At one point we were even up the tower when it went off. We were able to catch it on the last hour before had had to leave to fly back back!

I would highly recommend going up the Old Town Hall tower. It gives you lots of information about the tower and the clock as you go up. Once at the top, you are treated to a beautiful view of not only Old Town, but of most of Prague.

Charles Bridge

One of the most impressive, and busiest, bridges I have ever been on. The whole bridge had statues all the way down of different Saints and Monarchs. The best time of day was early in the morning as there weren’t many people. Apparently later at night is also a great time, and one I wish I was able to see.

Image result for charles bridge

(not my photo – Prague City Tourism, 2016)

Lennon Wall

After John Lennon’s death, this wall has been graffitied with different pictures, quotes and lyrics from the him and The Beatles. The original portrait of John Lennon is long gone under all the graffiti. While we were there, there was someone adding to the wall. When we saw it, it was mainly writing but sometimes there are amaing pictures. Below is previous graffiti on the wall.

Image result for lennon wallImage result for lennon wall

Petrin Hill

We climbed up here on our last day and boy was it a climb! Once you get to the top of the hill, there is the tall look out tower, which is made to look like the Eiffel Tower. If you chose to climb to the top of here (your poor, poor legs) you are treated to a view of the whole of Prague.


Have you been to Prague before or would you like to go?

What did you see? What would you like to see?


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