House of MinaLima

I saw on Facebook a link about a pop up shop in Soho. I had no idea if it was real or not but decided while I was in London for the day I would go and see if it was real.

Imagine my delight when I saw this beautiful shop was very very real.

Image result for minalima

Miraphora and Eduardo were designers for Harry Potter, and now Fantastic Beasts, creating lots of the graphic props, including; wanted posters, the Marauder’s map, proclamations, new papers and tapestries.

It is 4 floors of absolute delight. You climb the narrow, crooked stairs, which are decorated with Hogwarts letters and enter a room full of fantastic artwork. Each room displays the prints that you can purchase and shows some of the originals in display cabinets.
Image result for minalima stairsImage result for minalima stairs

You can buy some of the prints. They are between £39 – £350 which most around £99. You can also purchase badges and stationary.

I couldn’t help myself and I bought this gorgeous print of the Whomping Willow from the Marauder’s map. It’s a limited edition, and mine is number 522 / 1000, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

While we were there, one of the designers (Eduardo) was there signing books!

You can find MinaLima on 26 Greek Street, Soho. On the street opposite the theatre Aladdin plays in. It’s just behind The Curse Child theatre. Check out their website:




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