Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding

The Bridget Jones Omnibus The Singleton YearsBridget Jones's Baby: The Diaries (Bridget Jones, #4)

Bridget Jones’s Diary (Bridget Jones’s Diary #1)

The Edge of Reason (Bridget Jones’s Diary #2)

Bridget Jones’s Baby (Bridget Jones’s Diary #4)

My Thoughts

These books fall into the rare category of the film being better than the book.

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The yummy David Tennant

I read Bridget Jones’s Baby first. I haven’t seen the film, but bizarrely kept imagining David Tennant as Daniel, which is unusual as he is played by Hugh Grant in the first two films and replaced by the character Jack Qwant played by the McDreamy Patrick Dempsey in the film Bridget Jones’s Baby.

I think out of the three, Bridget Jones’ Baby was my favorite and Bridget Jones’ Diaries was my least favourite. Although it seems I’m one of the few people that thought the second book was better than the first. I just feel that it had a much better story line with manipulative Rebbeca.

The books are all silly and funny, although I didn’t quite audibly laugh they certainly made me smiling. My favourite scene from all three books has to be the Colin Firth interview.

I was really torn with her recording her weight, what she ate and number of cigarettes. I liked that she recorded them as it shows that there are other people who are as obsessed with it as I am. But I disliked the fact that she kept going on about how fat she was. It wasn’t just her who was saying she’s fat, it was other characters too. I weight more than she does so this was quite disheartening to me.

Overall, they were enjoyable, but I would rather watch the films.

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