Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

Perfect (Flawed, #2)

Title: Perfect
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Series: Flawed #2
Publication: 24th April 2017
Genre: Teens & Young Adult, Dystopian

ARC provided by Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

Around the Year in 52 Book Challenge – A book published in 2017

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine’s life has completely fractured–all her freedoms gone.

Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threat to the public, she has been a ghost, on the run with Carrick–the only person she can trust.

But Celestine has a secret–one that could bring the entire Flawed system crumbling to the ground. A secret that has already caused countless people to go missing.

Judge Crevan is gaining the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine. With tensions building, Celestine must make a choice: save just herself or to risk her life to save all Flawed people.

And, most important of all, can she prove that to be human in itself is to be Flawed?

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Flawed. I loved the world and the story and although the world was slightly familiar, I loved the new take on it.

While I loved the story in the last book, finding it refreshingly different, I found this book boringly predictable. I had to put it down about 50% of the way through  I found myself strongly reminded of the Divergent series. I finally picked it up after about a month and could easily pick up the book from where I’d left off.

I felt like the original concept, of having a flawed society that brands their flawed, that I loved from the first book was gone. We all knew how it was going to end and it took us on a very long journey to get to there. Even what I assume was meant to be a shock I found predictable.

Oh and we can’t forge the love triangle – because all YA Dystopian books I seem to be reading at the moment have to have a love interest at least. I really feel that this book mainly disappointed me because of the love interests, although this wasn’t the only focus I do feel that it occurred in parts where it didn’t need to.

An OK sequel but not my favourite.

My Rating



Top Ten 2016 Releases So Far

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and invite everyone to share their answers. They’re an excellent way to find new interesting books on a variety of topics, and to find bloggers that love the books you do. This week’s topic is  “Top Ten 2016 Releases So Far”.

None of us have read many books released in 2016, so we are going to accumulate our 2016 releases together!

Emily’s Reads
The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy)The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutoski
This is book 3 of The Winner’s Curse Trilogy. It was the perfect conclusion to the popular series. Highly recommended

The Crown  by Kiera CassThe Crown (The Selection, #5)
The conclusion to my guilty pleasure series, The Selection. It revolves around America’s daughter, Eadlyn, and her own selection. The character growth is really good, I was hooked the entire way through once again as it was full of surprises.

Flawed (Flawed, #1)Flawed by Cecilia Ahern
The YA debut of the renowned romance writer.
About a society based on perfection and punishing those who are not perfect, who are flawed, by branding them. It centers around Celestine who is faced with a situation which forces her to make an action that the Guild tells her is wrong.



Daz’s Reads
東京喰種トーキョーグール 7 [Tokyo Guru 7] (Tokyo Ghoul, #7)Tokyo Ghoul vol. 7 by Sui Ishida
Yet another edition to a growing manga series! About a world where humans and ghouls have to learn to live with each other…the only problem is that ghouls require human flesh in order to survive!

Tower of the Swallow (The Witcher #6) by Andrzej Sapkowski
The Tower of the Swallow (The Witcher, #6)A continuation of the infamous Witcher series. Follow Geralt as he tries desperately to fight against his destiny and find his adopted daughter, or is it too late?

2016 Releases we own but haven’t read (quite) yet.

  • A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J Maas
  • Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare
  • Devil and the Bluebird by Jennifer Mason-Black
  • The Neverland Wars – Audrey Greathouse
  • This Secret We’re keeping -Rebecca Done
  • Carry On – Rainbow Rowell
  • Under The Dusty Moon – Suzanne Sutherland
  • The Light Fantastic – Sarah Combs

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Title: Flawed

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Genre: Teens & Young Adult, Dystopian

Published: 24th March 2016 by  Harper Collins UK

ARC provided by Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Celestine North lives a perfect life. She’s a model daughter and sister, she’s well-liked by her classmates and teachers, and she’s dating the impossibly charming Art Crevan.

But then Celestine encounters a situation in which she makes an instinctive decision. She breaks a rule and now faces life-changing repercussions. She could be imprisoned. She could be branded. She could be found FLAWED.

In her breathtaking young adult debut, bestselling author Cecelia Ahern depicts a society in which obedience is paramount and rebellion is punished. And where one young woman decides to take a stand that could cost her everything.

My Thoughts

Before this, I have only read one book by Cecelia Ahern – PS . I Love You. I adored it, she is one of the only authors to make me bawl like a baby, so I had high hopes for this book.

Flawed centers around  Celestine whom, like many dystopian heroines, is a person who is perfect, she sticks to the rules and does not question society. Within her society everyone who is not perfect is tried and punished by getting their flesh branded on the part that is flawed and forced to wear a “F” armband. They have curfews, have to eat bland food and are not allowed to gather in groups of more than two. Celestine thinks nothing of it, until her neighbour is taken and branded. When she faces a situation, forcing her to make an action that the Guild tells her is wrong but her morality tells her is right, it begins to show creases in the way she sees the society and she begins to think more critically.

I really enjoyed the world and the story. I liked that it was different, yet the world was still very familiar. It was really interesting to see Celestine view things differently when it came around to directly affecting her.

Although I really enjoyed the world,  I did not enjoy Celestine. I’m not 100% sure what it was about her, she was strong yet manipulated, she was brain washed by society yet beginning to see it more critically, she was independent yet relied on Art, her family and her sister to tell her what to do and think. She was portrayed as being logical and yet many of her choices were not.

I probably would read the next book as I am interested to see where it goes as the story was left on a cliff hanger. I’m also interested to see how Celestine develops further.

I would recommend to those who like YA dystopian books.

My Rating4-stars