Since You’ve Been Gone by Mary Jennifer Payne

“My life will seem secure for a while, but if you watch long enough, it eventually shifts, just like those plates, and everything I’m used to changes again. The frustrating thing is that each time my life changes, I leave little pieces of myself behind.”

Since You've Been Gone

Rating: 3.5/5

For the past five years, Edie Fraser and her mum have been on the run, trying to escape her abusive rather. This time, things have gone from bad to worse. Not only is she in a new school, but she’s in a new country, her mother has been missing for days and she has no one to talk to without ending up in care.

This was a very short YA book, which was a nice, easy read. However, this meant that although the main story was good, there were lots of little details and minor characters that I would have liked to be explored further.

The book completely sucks you in, it’s fast paced and interesting; I managed to complete it in one sitting. I found Edie was a very likeable character,she was strong and sure minded. She was certain that she would find her mother, without the help of the police in case she ended up in care, or them contacting her father.

The book deals with many large issue that teenagers face in today’s society – bullying, racism, violence, isolation. However, as it was a short story, some of these issues and the characters they surrounds weren’t explored enough to give them justice, especially Precious and her home life and Jermaine and his childhood trauma. Additionally, the romance element was almost thrown on top as if it was as “must have” of a YA book, leaving me finding it rushed, unbelievable and unnecessary.

A hooking book, which will be quickly read and leave you wanting more details.

*Thanks to NetGallery for providing me with a ARC in return for an honest review*